General questions

What is the HiddenWeb?
The HiddenWeb is a website that serves as a directory for various websites that are not indexed by a search engine or are difficult to find. We also offer entire normal websites that can be found using various search engines.

Are all links on HiddenWeb legal?
We are a platform that provides links to various websites on the clearnet / darknet. It is the responsibility of users to ensure they operate within the law. HiddenWeb itself does not check the legality of the linked sites.

Are there risks when visiting pages linked via HiddenWeb?
Yes, there are potential risks. Some sites on the clear/dark web may host harmful content or illegal activities. Users should exercise extreme caution, protect their anonymity and ensure they do not violate any laws.

Members area

Is registration free?
Yes, 100% free!

How do I delete my account?
This is not possible!

How can I change my email address?
For security reasons this is not possible!

Add Website / Links

Is it free to add?
Yes, you can index your Website / Link for free.

How do I add a Website / Link? 
Click on Submit Link 
Select Free / Unlimited and then go to Get Start 
Now enter your page Title, URL, Description and select the Category
* You can also add a Site Icon, or leave this field blank to create an automatic screenshot. (.Onion links are not supported!)

Do I have to link you to enter a link?
No, you can also enter a Website / Link without linking to us!

How long does it take until my link is activated?
We check all links manually; this can take up to 48 hours.

Why wasn't my Link added?
Your Website / Link appears to be violating our terms of use.